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About the Service

VIPSTER was launched on September 19, 2008 as a free sports betting advisory service offering tips on the major European football (soccer) leagues including:
  • England: Premier League
  • Germany: 1. Bundesliga
  • Spain: Primera Division
  • Italy: Serie A
  • France: Ligue 1
  • Turkey: Süper Lig
By consistently conducting a thorough research methodology and analysis of the essential information regarding the football/soccer leagues, our team is able to provide on average 50 picks/tips per month (adding up to about 500 picks/tips per season). The full list of picks/tips are e-mailed to the members of the mailing list at least one day prior to a match day.

To receive the full list of picks/tips directly in your inbox, please enter your e-mail address in the following form.

We strongly believe that objective evaluation of a service is a MUST in order to develop and maintain a long-term trustworthy relationship with users of the service. It is an established criterion that the most important and objective parameter for evaluating the quality of tips is the YIELD. The YIELD is defined as the ratio of the PROFIT gained and the STAKES invested over a number of bets.

To have a firm understanding of these parameters, let us take an example. Assume, one places 100 bets within a certain period of time, where the value of a stake per bet is 1 unit. Thus, the sum of all stakes, denoted as STAKES, is 100 units. Also, assume that the 100 bets have resulted in RETURN value of 110 units. Let us now do the math:

STAKES = 100
RETURN = 110
PROFIT = RETURN - STAKES = 110 - 100 = 10
YIELD = PROFIT/STAKES = 10/100 = 10%

Certainly, a tipping service cannot claim quality if the YIELD is negative over a significant number of bets. To enable objective evaluation of our service quality, along with regularly posting fixed odds picks/tips, we maintain and regularly update a history table of the past performance. This enables anyone viewing this site to review the quality of our service by simply examining the yield over the past period.